Welcome to the place where we believe in you. We are you in fact- and we have been there. My guess is that if you have made your way to this website, addiction or other major trauma has touched your life. It may not be you that is struggling; it may be a friend or family member, but whether you are eating yourself to an early grave, destroying your own body with chemicals or sitting by helpless as a loved one slowly dies- the pain is the same.

We hold no secrets of life here at The Superman Project. We offer no real wisdom nor do we pretend to know what will get you to the point where changing your life becomes a mission and a reality. But we can share the paths we have taken out of the gutter, we can stand in the light and we can be there for you as you make your way out.

My name is David Clark and I was at deaths door myself not too long ago. I was 320lbs, addicted to fast food, narcotics and alcohol. I had a heart condition, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, two herniated discs in my back and I was a hair away from full on diabetes. I drew a line in the sand. I decided I was no longer going to accept death. I changed my life entirely by surrendering and committing to learning a whole new way to live. Today I am an accomplished endurance athlete, coach, speaker and bestselling author and it would be my privilege and humor to share with you my story if you are tired of living your life waiting to die.